Watch Drama Kambakht Tanno by APlus - Episode 293 | Aplus

Producer: Syed Mukhtar Ahmed
Director: Irfan Aslam
Writer: Irfan Aslam
Cast: Abid Ali, Shabbir Jan, Ali Josh, Gul e Rana, Bina Chaudhry, Nousheen Ahmed, Hasan, Arooba Mirza, Sadaf Ashan, Hamid Malik, Tehseen Tasleem, Haneef Bachan, Anmool, Hashir Imran, Khushi, Sajwa Shahid.

This is a soap which will highlight one harsh reality of our society where people term others as unlucky and if something bad happens they blame the person for it. This is a negative mindset prevailing since ages where a person is termed as ill-fated and the reason of bringing bad luck with her. Mostly women are a victim of this mindset hence the drama revolves around Zainab and the problems that she will go through in her life starting from childhood. Stay tuned!

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Kambakht Tanno by APlus - Episode 293 | Aplus