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Out in this big world marriage is a small little world that two individuals create with their social union, the world remains beautiful as long as both partners Love and respect each other and do not take things for granted. Zainab and Farhan live in one such world with their daughters but not happily ever after. Once a woman becomes a mother her priorities shifts to her children thus Zainab is no exception. After years of marital life, now she only enjoys being a mother as she is a good mother and she has forgotten that she is also a wife and has taken her marriage and Farhan for granted and Farhan is also oblivious of his part as a husband. Abeera a young, progressive and vibrant girl enters into Farhan’s life and brings back color to his mundane and colorless life, and sets the world of Zainab off balance. What would be Zainab’s fate?

How will she cope up with new realities and challenges of her life?

Written by: Shahzad Javed
Directed by: ZEEKAY
Production: Asif Noor & Dr. Huma Khan

Cast with respective character names:

Noman Aijaz – Farhan
Sawera – Zainab
Shermeen – Abeera
Minal – Khadijah
Areesha – Ayesha
Ahmed – Rizwan
Shamim – Seemi Pasha
Hajra – Naseem
Aqeela – Tara Mehmood

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