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Drama serial “Mein Akeli” is a struggling tale of an educated girl, Zara. She is also an earning hand in family and lonely providing them daily luxuries. Zara is engaged with a guy Sarmad, who is also not established and he wants to go abroad for quick and stronger financial growth. She takes loan from her working organization to support him. Zara feels afraid and unsecure as Sarmad is moving to foreign country and they decides for a secret marriage.

Somehow Zara and Sarmad families clashes with each other without having a single clue about their secret marriage. The difficult circumstances in abroad, pushes Zara’s husband to tie the knot with a native girl.

Now what will be Zara’s future? Will Sarmad leave her?

Will she be able to reunite with his husband? OR will she remain lonely forever?

Written by: Abu Rashid

Directed by: Shaqielle Khan

Produced by: Babar Javed

Cast with respective character names:

Sunita Marshal as Zara
Hasan Ahmed as Sarmad
Saba Hameed as Sughra Begum
Yasir Mazhar as Nasir
Lubna Aslam as Fakhira Begum
Hajra Khan as Javeria
Tariq Jameel as Shahab Sb
Rayyan Ibrahim as Sohina (Italy)
Mustafa Kazmi as Ahsan Jamal
Banita Marshal as Almas

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