Watch Drama Chandan Haar by A-Plus - Episode 48

All Masooma wanted for herself was a Chandan Haar, but the price she paid for it was greater than anything else. After the sudden disappearance of her father, Masooma and her mother fall into the trap of her father’s friend Ahsaan when they turn to him for help. Being the owner of a marriage bureau, for the world, Ahsaan is doing Masooma and his mother a favor by bringing a proposal for her marriage and lessening their burden, but little does Masooma know that instead of a real marriage, she is being sold on the name of contract marriage and this ordeal won’t be over for her very soon as she will handed over from one client to another. Will Masooma ever be able to escape this vicious circle and save her honor?

Cast: Fawad Jalal, Fariya Waseem, Asma Abbas, Ayesha Javed Butt, Rashid Farooqui, Ghulam Mohiuddin, Asad Malik

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Chandan Haar by A-Plus - Episode 48 - Video Watch Online - Full